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Expert Lectures

Sr. No. Name of Expert Topic Class
1 Mr.V.V.Wagh Entrepreneurship Development Third Year EE5I
2 Mr.B.D.Jadhav Recent Trends in Technology Second Year and Third Year EJ3I,EJ5I,CO5I
3 Prof.Y.H.Bhosale Python Programming Second Year and Third Year Students(CO3I and CO5I)
4 Dr. Avinash Veer Career opportunities in Overseas Second Year and Third Year All Branches
5 Mr. Ravi Majithia Python Programming CM5G,CO3I and CM3I
6 Mr. Chaitanya Munde Linux Programming CO3I and CM3I
7 MRS. Charulata Rojekar Personality Development CM5G,CO3I and CM3I
8 Mr. Mahesh Nawale Industry 4.0 EJ5G ,EJ3I
9 Col. M.S.Virdee Personality Development & Discipline EJ5G ,EJ3I
10 Mr. S. B. Bhutekar Road safety audit of Beed Bypass road CE 3I (A & B) on 21/09/2018

Expert Lecture on “Entrepreneurship Development ” on 24 th AUGUST 2019

Department of Electrical Engineering had organized an expert lecture on entrepreneurship development for the students of third year (EE5I) on 24 august 2019. The Speaker for the lecture was Mr.V.V.Wagh, Divisional Manager, SBI Life Co. Ltd, Aurangabad. In his lecture Mr.V. V. Wagh discussed about various insurance scheme for small scale entreprize in details. They have also shown various video lectures which are very much beneficial for the students. Students have participated in the discussion after the session.

Expert Lecture on “Recent Trends in Technology” on 16thAugust 2019

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication had organized an expert lecture on Recent Trends in Technology for the students of Third year (EJ5I) ,CO5I & Second Year (EJ3I) on 16 Aug 2019. The Speaker for the lecture was Mr. B.D.Jadhav who is presently working as Director at Tapasya Electronics, Aurangabad. In this lecture Mr.B.D.Jadhav explained Recent Trends in Technology. Technology is now evolving at such a rapid pace that annual predictions of trends seem to be out-of-date before they even go live as a published blog post or article. As technology evolves, it enables faster change and progress, causing the acceleration of the rate of change, until eventually, it will become exponential. Technology-based careers don’t change at that same speed, but they do evolve, and the IT professional recognizes that his or her role will not stay the same. The IT worker of the 21st century will constantly be learning, out of necessity if not desire.

Expert Lecture on “Python Programming” on 10thAugust 2019

Department of Computer Engineering organized an Expert Lecture on “Python Programming” for the students of Third year (CO5I) and Second Year (CO3I) on 10th August 2019. Expert for the lecture was Prof. Y.H.Bhosale, Assistant Professor, CSMSS College of Engineering, Aurangabad. During this lecture Prof. Y.H.Bhosale discussed about applications of ‘Python Programming’ in real world scenario. He also shown live demonstration of how to write and execute program of Python code on Python Shell. He also told about career options available in Python like as- Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research analyst, Data Scientist etc.

Expert Lecture on “ Career opportunities in Overseas ” on 6thAugust 2019

An expert Lecture on ' Career opportunities in Overseas for Diploma Students' by Dr. Avinash Veer, Director & Founder -SAFE,Seed Academy of Foreign Education,Mumbai was organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering for Second and Third year students of all branches.It was conducted on 6 th August 2019 (Tuesday) at 11.00 A.M. in B.Tech Auditorium.He gave information about taking education in overseas and also said that an international education is something that will provide students with an enriching and rewarding experience that it will last with them for the rest of their life . It is the experience of new culture and it will open up their mind to the wide world in which we live.He provide information regarding resources and assistance for those students who are interested for taking further education abroad.

Expert Lecture on “ Python Programming” on 27thJuly 2018

Department of Computer Technology organized an expert lecture on Python Programming for the students of Third year (CM5G) and Second Year (CM3I & CO3I) on 27thJuly 2018. The Speaker for the lecture was Mr. Ravi Majithia. He is Director of Ravi Programming Academy from Aurangabad. In his lecture Mr.Ravi Majithia discussed about Python Programming Language and applications of Python programming in real world scenario. He also told about python interpreter and how to run python program. Mr. Ravi Majithia has shown a live demo of Python Program.

Expert Lecture on “Personality Development” on 4thAugust 2018

Department of Electrical Engineering has organized an expert lecture on Personality Development for the students of Third year (EE5G) Electrical Engineering on 4thAugust 2018. The Speaker for the lecture was Advocate S.B.Kakade. In his lecture Adv. S.B.Kakade discussed about various skills to be developed for building the personality. He also explained how to face interviews. Personality development is a key feature and an important aspect for the individual in his personal as well as professional life.

Adv. S.B.Kakade while delivering the lecture

Expert lecture in Electronics & Telecommunication department on “Tooling and training solutions” dated 2stAugust 2018

An Expert Lecture was arranged in Electronics & Telecommunication Department on 21 st August 2018.The Expertise for the lecture was Mr. Mahesh Nalawade who is an engineer from Training Department in Indo German Tool Room. Indo German Tool Room (IGTR) an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 certified Educational Institution and a center which nurtures excellence and provides total tooling & training solutions. In this lecture, Mr. Mahesh Nalawade, guided students about recent trends & opportunities in Industry.

Expert Lecture on Personality development & Discipline on 4thSeptember 2018

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication organized the expert lecture for Third year & Second year students on the topic “Personality Development & Discipline” on date 4thSeptember 2018.

In this lecture Prof. Virdee gave information about soft skills, importance of personality to face personal interviews & many more. He also focused on Safety & discipline. HOD of department Ms. M.G. Granthi & all staff members supported for the successful organization of program.

An Expert lecture conducted by Mr. S.B. Bhutekar on 2stSeptember 2018

Expert lecture by Mr.S.B.Bhutekar, was arranged by civil department, MIT Polytechnic, on 2stSeptember, 2018. Mr.S.B.Bhutekar has more than 3 years of experience in teaching and at present he is working in MGM’S Polytechnic. He has completed Masters in Structural Engineering from MIT this year. He was International Fencing player represent India in Taiwan 2017 and Three times university Gold medalist in Fencing also represented MIT in All India national games in Jammu, Chandigarh and Patiala in year 2010,2012,2014. He delivered a lecture on “Road Safety Audit of Beed By-pass Road, Aurangabad” to CE3I students.. After the lecture there was question answer session. At the end Komal Ragde student of second year proposed vote of thanks.

Expert Lecture on “Electrical power generation” on 29thSeptember 2018

Department of Electrical Engineering had organized an expert lecture on Electrical Power Generation for the students of second year (EE3I) on 29thSeptember 2018. The Speaker for the lecture was Prof.S.N.Pawar. In his lecture Prof.S.N.Pawar discussed about various power plants like solar power plant, thermal power plant, Biogas power plant in details. He has also shown various video lectures on the power plants which are beneficial to the students. Students have participated in the discussion after the session.

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